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Background and Rationale

The Project

Intercultural Language Teaching and Learning in Practice (ILTLP) is a new project commissioned and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training under the Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme (AGQTP). It complements a range of national projects being undertaken by the Austrailan Government to support the implememtation of the National Statement and Plan for Languages Education 2005-2008.

The project aims to extend teachers’ understanding of and engagement with Intercultural Language Learning.

The key focus areas for investigation and development are long-term programming and developing assessment processes and ways of describing outcomes of intercultural language learning, as areas that are currently under-represented in both research and practice.

The project is being developed and managed by the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures (RCLC) at the University of South Australia.

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Through participation in the ILTLP project teachers and school leaders will:
  • engage with a nationally coordinated research and professional learning program that is underpinned by the latest research in languages teaching and learning and grounded in classroom practice
  • increase their knowledge and understanding of the principles and pedagogies of intercultural language teaching and learning
  • integrate this knowledge and understanding into classroom teaching and learning to enhance student learning outcomes.

Timeline and Phases

The project, which runs from July 2006 to December 2007, will be delivered in four phases:

Phase 1:

August 2006 – November 2006
Commissioned, supported school-based research focussing on long-term programming and assessment.

Phase 2:

August 2006 – February 2007
Development of a set of professional learning materials and processes to support the delivery of the ILTLP programme in each state and territory.

Phase 3:

February 2007 – November 2007
Delivery of the 5.5 day programme in each state and territory, establishing school-based research.

Phase 4:

November 2007 – January 2008
Refinement of the ILTLP resources including documentation of school-based investigations.



Nationally, this highly collaborative project brings together languages educators from all sectors of education to strengthen intercultural language teaching and learning:

  • up to 400 primary and secondary languages teachers
  • academics
  • researchers
  • educational administrators
  • the Australian Federation of Modern Languages Teachers Associations (AFMLTA) as the national professional body

Key Contacts in each state and territory are central to coordinating the local delivery of the ILTLP project.

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Project Advisory Group

Judy Gordon
Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training

Melanie Hammond
Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations Inc.

Louisa Rennie
Catholic Education South Australia

Kratai Visityuthasart
Elizabeth Courtois
ACT Department of Education and Training; MCEETYA Languages Education Working Party

Melissa Gould-Drakeley
Practising languages teacher

Tom Croker
Australian Primary Principals’ Association

Teresa de Fazio
Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Associations


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Project Team

Research Centre for Languages and Cultures

The RCLC is located in the School of International Studies, within the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences at the University of South Australia, as a dedicated languages and cultures research centre. The RCLC seeks to contribute proactively to the changing agenda of languages, cultures, and intercultural learning. We aim to achieve this through sustained collaborative research, quality teaching and consultancy, underpinned by an ethical and critical stance. The ILTLP is one of a number of projects with which RCLC is currently engaged.

From RCLC:

Angela Scarino Contact details

Tony Liddicoat Contact details

Leo Papademetre Contact details

Michelle Kohler Contact details

Andrew Scrimgeour Contact details

Jim Dellit Contact details

Jonathan Crichton Contact details

Anne-Marie Morgan Contact details

Kate Loechel Contact details

Nives Mercurio Contact details


Chantal Crozet (ANU) Contact details

Jo Carr (QUT) Contact details


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Teacher Participants Phase 1

Nicola Barkley St Francis of Assisi Primary School ACT Indonesian
Robert Doxey Canberra Grammar School ACT French
Miyuki Shino Melrose High School ACT Japanese
Melissa Gould- Drakeley Macarthur Anglican School NSW Indonesian
Robyn Maloney International Grammar School NSW Japanese
Yumiko Shaw Darwin High School NT Japanese
Paula Simeone Northern Territory School of Languages NT Italian
Lois Cutmore Kedron State High School QLD French
Cynthia Dodd Anglican Church Grammar Sch QLD Japansee
Stephanie Andrews Wilderness School SA Chinese
Lynn Davis Salisbury Heights Schools SA Chinese
Christina Emblem St Peters Collegiate Girls School SA French
Antonella Macchia Adelaide High School SA Italian
Nhu Trinh Loreto College SA Chinese
Anita Zocchi Adelaide High School SA Italian
Jill Bignell Bothwell District High School TAS Japanese
Lucia Cloudsdale Snug Primary School TAS Italian
Ans van Heyster Cosgrove High School TAS French
Sally Wright South Hobart Primary School TAS Indonesian
Holger Nord Wangaratta High School VIC German
Beryl Wintrip Melbourne Grammar School VIC French
Michael Boyle School of Isolated & Distance Education WA Japanese
Kim Daymond Tambrey Primary School WA Indonesian
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Prepared by the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures
University of South Australia


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